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"Colbys Stars Foundation provided us with the comfort of monetary donations that we could use on hotels to stay near by our sweet Kassius when he was going through a lengthy hospital stay. After his first heart surgery when he was born, he was inpatient for 43 days. Not only did they provide this, but they also checked in on us during some of our darkest days. Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) devastated us, but Colbys Stars Foundation helped us get through. This foundation is near and dear to our hearts now - we will never forget the impact they had on us! Kassius is now doing well after his second open heart surgery, and we highly recommend others to check out this incredible non-profit that lends a helping hand to others in our community."

Valen M.

“Colby's Stars Foundation has done so much for our community and helping families at some of their most difficult times. The foundation personally helped our family. Great kickball tournament and so much family and friends from rain to shine...what a great day enjoyed by all!"

Darlene H.

“My son Tavion was diagnosed with DIPG on May 13, 2016. Carrie reached out to me shortly after to provide her support and to tell me about the organization and what they do. That year they helped our family with the proceeds from the kickball tournament. It was appreciated more than words could ever explain. Carrie, her family, and this organization will always hold a special place in our hearts. Even after the event that year the members of this organization continued to support us and pray for us and reach out to us on our 11 month journey with Tavion.


Tavion passed away on his 7th birthday April 22, 2017. Since his passing we have entered two teams each year for the kickball tournament in loving memory of Tavion and to help other families. You never think cancer will affect you until it does and turns your whole life upside down. For the support and help received we are forever thankful!"


“Colby's Stars is a wonderful foundation that supports families in my area. In 2013 my husband was diagnosed with cancer. The generous support that our community and Colby's Stars provided for my family was truly helpful to get us through this most difficult time in our lives.


Colby's Stars Foundation sponsors an annual kickball tournament that my family has been involved in as recipient, player/participant, and volunteer. This tournament draws a crowd from all over. Each year seems larger than the last. To see the involvement is truly a blessing from our community.


Colby's Stars will always have a special place in my heart. Colby and my husband had a special connection. They both understood what battling cancer was all about. I believe Colby showed by husband the strength and courage that was needed to fight this disease. Colby's Stars will always be part of my family. I will forever be grateful to this wonderful foundation not for just what they did for my family but also for other families that are affected by cancer."

Sherry D.

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